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Eureka Rider 1201

Sweeper & Vacuum

Introducing the Eureka Rider 1201 Ride On Battery/Petrol Powered Vacuum Sweeper for Cleaning Small, Medium and Large Size Areas

Enjoy the quality, superior cleaning performance and ease of use with the affordable Eureka Rider 1201 ride on vacuum sweeper.

They have compact dimensions but exceptional productivity.

This compact ride on vacuum sweeper is ideal for the thorough cleaning of small, medium and large size areas and boasts an area coverage of up to 10,140 m²/hr.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Eureka Rider 1201 are available in over 60 countries and comply with major international standards.

Eureka Rider 1201 key benefits

  • Environmentally friendly – Powered by 24V battery
  • Safety – Unique no dust vacuum filtration system
  • Ergonomically designed – Electronic or hydraulic drive increases productivity
  • Robust – Steel frame with anti-shock, anti-slip rubber tyres

The power of the Eureka Rider 1201

The Eureka Rider 1201 is a mobile, highly manoeuvrable ride on Vacuum Sweeper which is cost effective solutions for cleaning small, medium and large size areas.

The Rider’s main brush, made of PPL bristles, allows for thorough cleaning of even the dustiest floors and narrow areas.

The Rider 1201 is equipped with a capacious rear dust collector and an ultra-efficient polyester bag filter which ensures dust free (99.9%) sweeping, with maximum filter life and minimal maintenance.

Having switches controlling the machine functions instead of computer boards enables the Rider 1201 sweepers to be cost friendly to maintain.

The Rider 1201 is available either battery powered or driven by a petrol engine (Honda).

Product Type
Power Type

Technical Specifications

Power Source: Battery – 24V or Honda 6.5 Hp engine
Drive: Electronic or hydraulic
Filter Capacity: 4m²
Sweep Path: 1,055mm
Turning Radius: 1,000mm
Dirt Container: 85L
Cleaning Productivity: Up to 10,140 m²/hr


Hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, swimming pools, locker rooms, cafes and bars, clubs, factories, supermarkets, and many more small to medium size areas.

Types of floors

Ceramic tiles, concrete, linoleum, marble, porcelain tiles, rubber floors, vinyl

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