Cleansweep is New Zealand’s leading provider of environment friendly cleaning equipment.

We specialise in Scrubbers & Sweepers, and the ingenious Glutton urban vacuum.

We offer only the very best in cleaning equipment brands which include Eureka, Glutton & Factory Cat.

At Cleansweep we have built our foundation on service second to none!

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The CleanSweep Difference

CleanSweep Equipment is committed to being the leading provider of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment to the New Zealand professional cleaning market. We are passionate about what we do, and we have 3 key guiding principles - values that drive what we do every day to ensure our clients current and future needs are addressed:

Clean & Green

CleanSweep continues to lead the New Zealand market with innovative cleaning products that support sustainability, allowing cleaning companies to work in a ‘clean & green’ manner. We work closely with our manufacturer partners to adopt and offer the latest technologies that are redefining how commercial and industrial cleaning is conducted, helping users become more efficient and more environmentally friendly. This is at the heart of CleanSweep’s environmental commitment.

Walk the Talk

While other cleaning companies may claim to be committed to delivering tangible value to customers, CleanSweep walks the talk with a growing range of cleaning equipment solutions that help cleaning companies to dramatically reduce their total cost of ownership and their carbon footprint. Not only does this support a sustainable approach to doing business, but we also believe it delivers a level of value to our customers that is unrivalled in the New Zealand cleaning market.

Quality is King

CleanSweep only offers market-leading cleaning solutions, that are best-in-breed from the world’s most reputable manufacturers. We refuse to offer low-cost, budget offerings as we know through considerable experience that this is ‘false-economies’ as these inferior offerings do not provide the same levels of reliable, hassle-free performance for users, and therefore have a significantly higher total costs of ownership (TCO). At CleanSweep, quality is, and always will be king.