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Eureka EC51

Carpet Cleaner & Escalator Cleaner

Introducing the Superior Eureka EC51 Escalator/Travellator Cleaning Machine

Enjoy the superior quality, ease of use and unmatched cleaning performance with the Eureka EC51 escalator/travellator cleaning machine.

They have small dimensions but exceptional productivity.

The EC51 efficiently cleans escalators and travellators in under one hour, using a revolutionary cleaning system that runs dry sweep and wet scrub cycles.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Eureka EC51 comply with major international standards and are available in over 60 countries.

Eureka EC51 key benefits:

  • Revolutionary cleaning system – The EC51 is equipped with a revolutionary double roller brush cleaning system, which aggressively lifts and removes debris from the steps.
  • Unique – The unique and exclusive brush-head rotates 180° to completely clean both sides of the escalator, independent of the width of the steps
  • Adds value – Improved business appearance and reduced maintenance costs

The power of the Eureka EC51

The Eureka EC51 is a mobile, main powered machine which is a cost effective solution for cleaning any width escalator or travelator and can also be used to clean hard floors and carpet.

Their accessible solution and recovery tanks have been designed for ease of filling, emptying and cleaning, even in the most awkward locations.

Having switches instead of computer boards controlling the machine functions, enables the EC51 machines to be cost friendly to maintain.

Power Type

Technical Specifications

Power Source: 230V mains
Drive: Mechanical
Scrub Path: 510mm
Solution Tank: 35L
Recovery Tank: 35L
Cleaning Productivity: Up to 1,000 m²/hr


Shopping malls, retail stores, subways, train stations, airports, casinos, hotels & resorts, office buildings.

Types of floors

Escalators and travellators – as well as hard floors and carpet.

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