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Factory Cat’s Pilot-HD


Introducing Factory Cat’s Pilot-HD Micro-Rider Scrubber Dryer of Simple Design and Durability

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Factory Cat’s Pilot-HD micro-rider floor scrubber dryer is known for its simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer.

Don’t let the word micro fool you, as this machine offers huge productivity of 3,716 m²/hr with a capable run time of 6 hours.

In keeping with the constant durability that Factory Cat machines have to offer, heavy duty and productive best describe the Pilot-HD micro-rider floor scrubber. Designed to work in the toughest environments, your operators will find the Pilot-HD easy to manoeuvre into tight areas, and simple to service.

The Pilot-HD comes equipped with traction drive which includes a powerful all-gear transaxle for climbing steep ramps and heavy duty tires to withstand harsh chemicals. The four point stance and oversized wheels allow it to remain stable over rough terrain.

Pilot-HD scrubbers are available with disk & cylindrical scrub heads, from 64cm to 71cm for maximum versatility. The disk model offers a gimballed brush drive and 35% more scrubbing power. The cylindrical unit reduces or eliminates dust mopping by sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass.

The large clean water tanks extend run time between refills. The waste water tank is completely accessible for easy clean out and comes with a removable debris basket that is a real drain saver.

You would expect to pay top dollar for all of this, but the Pilot-HD is the complete package at a great price.

Factory Cat Pilot-HD micro-rider key benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly – Low 62 dBa through unique muffler design
  • Intuitive design – Simple to use and operator-friendly controls
  • Heavy duty – Durable construction and stainless fittings
  • Versatile – Disc or cylindrical, 64cm to 71cm scrub decks

The power of the Factory Cat Pilot-HD micro-rider

Not just simple and durable, the Pilot-HD is productive and reliable.  With their compact design, the Pilot-HD are also agile and manoeuvrable, which add to their versatility and ease of use.

A concentration of technology means the new Pilot-HD doesn’t require big dimensions to guarantee impressive results.

Intuitive operation means no more time or cost is spent on operator training as the range is very simple to use and fitted with operator-friendly controls.

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