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Eureka E36 & E46


Introducing the Eureka E36 and E46 Compact Walk-Behind Scrubber Driers for Cleaning Small Spaces

The Eureka E36/E46 have small dimensions but exceptional productivity.

This compact walk-behind scrubber-dryer is ideal for the thorough cleaning of small, confined spaces you couldn’t scrub before and are suitable for areas ranging from 100 m² to 2000 m².

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Eureka E36/E46 comply with major international standards and are available in over 60 countries.

Eureka E36/E46 key benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly – Powered by Li-Ion, Gel battery or mains electric
  • Safety – Excellent water pickup reduces the danger of slip and fall type accidents
  • Ergonomically designed – Highly manoeuvrable with adjustable handles and grips eliminate operator fatigue

The power of the Eureka E36/E46

The Eureka E36/E46 pedestrian scrubber dryers are hygienic, efficient and user-friendly. They are mobile, highly manoeuvrable and are cost effective solutions for cleaning smaller spaces.

The two tank system has been designed for ease of filling, emptying and cleaning, even in the most awkward locations.

Having switches instead of computer boards controlling the machine functions, enables the E36/E46 scrubber-driers to be cost friendly to maintain.

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