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Eureka BULL 200


The ride-on sweeper with direct forward throw and a front driving position

The BULL 200 is a powerful, heavy-duty sweeper, with a wide cleaning path (up to 2.100 mm).

It is an extremely robust sweeper (both the machine’s chassis and body are made of steel) and is high performing even in the collection of large quantities of dust and gravel.

The superior features and dirt container capacity (up to 500 L) make the BULL 200 the perfect solution to quickly clean large areas that are extremely dusty or dirty, in any application, which includes demanding environments such as heavy industries.

The innovative design of the BULL 200 – the only machine on the market that offers direct forward throw sweeping and a driving position at the front of the machine with an automotive steering system – makes this industrial sweeper particularly maneuverable. This is a great advantage in contexts, where it is necessary to carry out cleaning not only quickly but with great precision, due to the presence of confined and congested spaces. For example, in logistics warehouses where goods are constantly being moved.

The BULL 200 is easy to drive, with a compact turning radius, it has the perfect dimensions to clean the corridors between one stock rack and another (average width of 3.000 mm) in modern logistics centers.

The highlight of the BULL 200 is its capability to pass over speed bumps and manage sudden changes in gradient. The new machine from Eureka, is in fact the only machine of its segment which offers a practical solution to this problem, an impossible task for any other industrial sweeper.

For this reason, and the fact that the BULL 200 can overcome gradients of 21% without losing power, the machine is well suited to clean large parking areas (open air, covered and multistory).

Product Type
Power Type

Technical Specifications

Power Source: Diesel Engine
Sweep Path: 2100mm
Turning Radius: 3m
Dirt Container: 500L
Cleaning Productivity: Over 15,000m2/hr


Factories, shopping malls, schools, warehouses, airports, ports, industrial sites, roads, and many more medium and large size areas.

Types of floors

Ceramics, concrete, linoleum, marble, porcelain tiles, non-slip surfaces, vinyl and many more dirty conditions.

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