Up to 6,000 m2

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Eureka Scrubber Machines

Eureka E65 / E75 / E83

The Eureka E65/E75/E83 are mobile, very manoeuvrable ride on scrubber dryers and are cost effective solutions for cleaning hospitals, schools and noise sensitive environments.
Ride on Scrubber Drier

Eureka Scrubber Machines

Eureka ECO85 / ECO100

The ECO 85 & ECO 100 are more environmentally friendly, using less water and chemicals, while optimising energy consumption with a productivity rate from 6,075 to 7,200 m²/hr.
Ride on Scrubber Drier

Eureka Ride-On Sweeper

Eureka Tigra

The Eureka Tigra is a mobile, highly manoeuvrable, electronic drive ride on vacuum sweeper that is cost effective. The Tigra is equipped with a capacious rear dust collector and an ultra efficient polyester bag filter which ensures dust free (99,9%) sweeping, with maximum filter life and minimal maintenance.
Ride on Sweeper with twin front brush