Up to 4,000 m2

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Eureka Ride-On Sweeper

Eureka E50 & E55

The Eureka E50/E55 are mobile, highly manoeuvrable, mechanically or electronically propelled pedestrian scrubber dryers which are cost effective solutions for cleaning small to medium size areas up to 2365 m²/hr.
Walk Behind Scrubber Drier

Eureka Ride-On Sweeper

Eureka Kobra

The Eureka Kobra is a mobile, highly manoeuvrable, traction propelled pedestrian vacuum sweeper which is a cost effective solution for cleaning small to medium size areas.
Pedestrian Sweeper – Battery powered

Eureka Ride-On Sweeper

Eureka Picobello 151

The Picobello 151 is a manual sweeper with a total sweeping path of 730 mm. It can sweep up to 2190 m²/hr and is, therefore, more than 10 times faster than a person with a broom.
Pedestrian Sweeper with vacuum filter

Eureka Ride-On Sweeper

Factory Cat XR Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

Factory Cat’s largest rider floor scrubber, the XR is a monster when it comes to cleaning floors. With up to a 117cm cleaning width, 159 Kg’s of down-pressure, and 257 litre tank, it’s no wonder so many people choose this machine.
Ride on Scrubber Drier / Sweeper

Eureka Ride-On Sweeper

Factory Cat’s Pilot-HD

A concentration of technology means the new Pilot-HD doesn’t require big dimensions to guarantee impressive results. It’s not just simple and durable but productive and reliable.
Ride on Scrubber Drier