Our Brands

With over 4,000 references and 3,500 + towns signed up as customers, Glutton® is currently used in more than 52 countries and across 5 continents. Glutton® has gone global! And with growing demand from local authorities and the growth of the industrial market, this is only the beginning.

Eureka was officially set up in 1986 by two young entrepreneurs who decided to focus their industrial activity on the manufacturing of a complete range of cleaning machines. This concept soon led Eureka to become a specialist in a market continuously asking for innovative products. The first prototypes were based on a small sweeper, later named model 500, which had to offer something revolutionary to fulfil Eureka’s aim for innovation: the unique automatic filter-shaker system ( patented ). This exclusive innovation was only the first of a long line in unique ideas which were generated and then implemented in the machines.

Tomcat have built their reputation by providing the toughest, best-engineered, highest-value machines the industry can produce. They make sure that in every market in which their more than 350 distributors in 36 countries and service centers do business, they maintain a “factory” trained service department with a vested interest in the customers long-term satisfaction. Tomcat offers a line of cleaning equipment that includes sweepers and scrubbers, in both walk-behind and ride-on models. All models are practical, rugged machines that are sensibly priced.

Factory Cat sweepers and floor scrubbers are built by the R.P.S. Corporation incorporated in Wisconsin since 1986. Factory Cat manufactures battery floor scrubbers, battery floor sweepers and battery sweeper / scrubber combination floor machines for the industrial sector. Its principals have been in the industrial floor cleaning machine business since 1980.