Our Brands

With over 4,000 references and 6,000 + customer locations, Glutton® is used in more than 52 countries across 5 continents. Glutton® has gone Global and this is only just the beginning!

Every day, Glutton®, enhances the well-being and cleanliness of cities, towns, factories and transforms the status of traditional street cleaning personnel.
Glutton® urban vacuum cleaners are easy to use, ergonomic, 100% electric and extremely effective.

Eureka began in 1986 with two young entrepreneurs wishing to manufacture a complete range of Floor Cleaning Machines. This concept has seen Eureka develop in to a world leader with its quality range of sweepers and scrubber driers.

The Eureka array of product offerings includes:

Pedestrian floor sweepers and scrubber-dryers
Ride-on floor sweepers and scrubber-dryers
High-dump sweepers
Manual sweepers with vacuum features (new, patented)
Escalator & travelator cleaners

Sold worldwide: Eureka’s well trained distributors are spearheading international sales efforts in over 60 countries. Such a vast international presence bears a testimony to the growing trust that customers around the world have reposed on the Eureka brand.


Still a relatively young brand, Factory Cat (RPS Corporation) has come a long way in a short space of time.

Starting back in the mid 1980’s with just one battery floor sweeper, R.P.S Corporation gained ground with solid design and tough as nails equipment. Originally concentrating on the industrial sector, the company branched out with a commercial line of there popular battery sweepers, scrubbers and then added burnishers to the impressive list.

The newest innovation for R.P.S Corporation to add is the EDGE series which can strip a floor of finish with just plain water.

Also not to be neglected under the R.P.S Corporation umbrella is the detergents that are right on par with the toughness and effectiveness of their scrubbers.